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It’s been awhile since you’ve last heard from us.  See…I promised that we wouldn’t blow up your inbox with tons of emails!

Hopefully, everyone has survived the challenges of the last 18+ months.  For us, both as a company and individually, 2021 has been very difficult.  But thanks to a lot of hard work, perseverance, and the support of our team and all of our loyal customers, we’ve not only survived but we’ve grown stronger and are better poised now for all of the great things coming our way.

So, let’s get into it and talk about what’s has changed and what changes you’ll be seeing in the very near future.

Price Changes Effective February 15th

Since our inception, RRC has been all about providing maximum value for our customers.  Although many components and materials have been upgraded along the way, we have retained the same pricing that we began with nearly seven years ago.

Effective February 15th we will implement a modest price increase that averages about 10%.  But, in the spirit of maximizing value for our customers, there are several upgrades that are coming along with the increase.

The incredibly popular Joe Mahler and Debbie Hanson Signature Series rods will now come standard with premium REC rod tubes and Snake Brand snake guides.  Both of these companies manufacture the finest components in the industry and are 100% made in the USA.

All of our other rods (CK Signature Series, Stu Apte Signature Series, Tribute Series, and the Kildares) will feature the following upgrades:

  • REC Cerecoil stripping guides made from a titanium-nickel alloy and ceramic inserts.  (100% USA content)
  • Lemke reel seats.   Lemke Concepts is a family owned business in Oregon and they machine some of the finest reel seats available.  (100% USA content)
  • Reel seat inserts are made from regionally sourced woods (epoxy if desired) and are shop turned.  (100% USA content)
  • Grips and butts are glued and turned in our shop. (Cork and Cork Burl come to us directly from a small family producer in Portugal)
  • Premium REC rod tubes (100% content)
  • Snake Brand snake guides (100% USA content)

Of course by remaining nimble and keeping our focus on our customers, we can upgrade and/or customize any of our standard rods!  Just drop us a line and we’ll go from there.

And Speaking of Custom Rods…Custom Fly Fishing Rod

Although we haven’t talked about it much, we absolutely love building custom rods!

For me, as a rod builder, I particularly enjoy having the close interaction with customers that is required with customizations.  We discuss the functionality as well as the artistic aspects that are desired in a rod.  This not only gives us deeper insight into our customers as unique and individual anglers but it also gives the customer a better understanding of what really goes into a rod design and how that translates into memorable experiences on the water.  The end result of the process is a one-of-a-kind rod that will become a family heirloom AND a much better appreciation for each other and the sport.

Customizations can be anything from a different thread color on the wraps on one of our standard rods to something completely different that doesn’t appear in our online offerings.  Our blank library is pretty extensive so chances are we’ve got what you want.

We’ve added a page to the website that speaks to custom rods and we’ll be adding more and more pictures of recent custom rod builds.  This page is really intended to be just for information and some examples for inspiration.  When you’re ready to start planning your custom rod (Fly, Spinning, or Casting), give us a shout and let’s start talking about it.


Custom Fly Fishing Rods

Custom 4pc-9ft-12wt Tarpon Rod


Here are just some of the things to watch for in the next few months:

  • New Product Release – There’s a new series on the horizon and it’s incredibly exciting!  Stay tuned, you’ll see a few hints (and sneak peeks) in our social media.  The official release will be in early March or sooner.
  • Trinity Spinning Rods are being added to our website, FINALLY.  Guides, lodges, tournament fishermen and “those in the know” have been using (and loving!) these rods for the past few years and we’re finally making them available through our website.  The Trinitys are also available for customization.
  • Events –  We’ve taken a very cautious approach to shows this year but we are in the process of scheduling some “Reilly Day” events in the spring and summer.  These will be outdoor events with casting demos and clinics, casting games, and (of course) an opportunity to try any of our rods.  Several of our pros will be helping out so it’s also a great opportunity to meet them and talk about the fisheries that they represent…  and book a trip or two.  Of course we’ll also provide some food and giveaways!
  • Collaborations – along our journey we’ve found a few other small US companies with values and attitudes that are identical to ours.  We’re exploring some very exciting possibilities to collaborate with these companies that I’m sure you will find exciting too!


We want to hear from you!  

If you want more of a particular type of content, we want to hear it.  If you have questions… let’s have it!  And if you’d like to share stories and/or pictures with us, we’d love to get them!

Chris Reilly

Chris Reilly – Founder/President

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