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The Justin Nguyen Everglade Series represents these qualities of strength, perseverance, and integrity.

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From a humble beginning learning to fish on a branch of the Mekong River in Vietnam, to a highly rated (nationally ranked) teenage soccer player in the US, to guiding for steelhead on Great Lakes tributaries, to being the first Vietnamese fly fishing guide and the first international ambassador for Vietnam fly fishing, and to ultimately opening a guide service in south Florida and becoming a highly sought after guide for peacock bass and other exotics, Justin KNOWS perseverance and what it takes to succeed!

The Justin Nguyen Everglade Series represents these qualities of strength, perseverance, and integrity. Every design decision was made in consideration of these qualities while giving deference to the union of American spirit and time-honored Vietnamese culture.

Justin’s Everglades series rods have a faster action that many of our other rods. They have a very crisp and clean recovery in the tip which optimizes energy transfer from the rod to the line and enhances casting accuracy. Longer casts and accurate presentations in windy conditions are easily executed without giving up the ability to make short quick casts.

The Everglades are all 9-ft, 4-pc configurations in 5, 6, 7, and 8wt, are 100% US content, and feature:

  • Natural color graphite blank that was designed and made by one of the finest fly rod blank designers in the country.
  • Shop-turned cork burl grips (and butts in the 6 – 8wts)
  • Three titanium REC Cerecoil stripping guides
  • ECO coated Snake Brand snake guides
  • Lemke skeleton reel seats (black anodized)
  • Deep blue shop-turned reel seat inserts
  • Deep blue guide wraps
  • Custom sewn cloth rod sock
  • A premium REC rod tube

The blue in the reels seat insert and guide wraps was specifically selected for its meaning in Vietnamese culture: Hope – Healing – Peace – and Long Life.

The Justin Nguyen Everglades Series is 100% made in America and, as always, carries our lifetime warranty.

Part NoLine WeightLengthSectionsCaseWarrantyPrice
JN55wt9'4pcTube and Cloth SockLifetime$575.99
JN66wt9'4pcTube and Cloth SockLifetime$575.99
JN77wt9'4pcTube and Cloth SockLifetime$575.99
JN88wt9'4pcTube and Cloth SockLifetime$575.99

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  1. Ben Paulson

    I had the opportunity to fish this rod in an 8# while fishing for Bullseye Snakeheads in South Florida with Justin. Justin discussed with me the design process and how he wanted a rod just a little faster than other manufactures. Paired with a Cortland Guide line, this rod easily and accurately threw foam poppers to angry Snakeheads. Even with hours of constant casting in blowing wind, this rod kept us fishy and my arm in one piece! The fit and finish of this rod was very impressive. I will most certainly be ordering one after my trip.

  2. Bob Fournier

    Had a chance to fish Justin Nguyen Everglade series actually by accident.
    I was fishing the canals of south Florida with the Help of Justin trying to master my first snakehead on a fly rod.
    I was having trouble with my accuracy and distance then to make matters worse my rod snaps in two.
    Justin handed me his rod and told me to try it out.
    What a big difference in both distance accuracy and very easy to handle!
    Landed my first two snake heads on a fly rod!
    Another item ticked off on my bucket list.
    Now I need to get me one of those Justin Nguyen Everglade Series outfits.

  3. Bob Fournier

    Had a chance to test the Justin Nguyen Everglades Series rod in south Florida last week.
    Justin was guiding to help me get my first Snakehead on a fly rod.
    I was having problems with accuracy and distance with my rod when all of a sudden my rod breaks!
    Justin said no problem use my rod.
    On my first cast I noticed a big difference.
    More distance and my accuracy had improved dramatically! I was casting close to the banks and under trees.
    It wasn’t long until I landed not only my first but two snakeheads.
    Needless to say I was amazed with the action this Justin Nguyen Everglades Series provided.
    Now I need to get myself one!

  4. Capt. Rob Gagliardi

    I had the chance to use Justins signature series 5 wt on a recent charter for exotics in the Everglades. The fast to extra fast action made the rod load the line and cast in breezy conditions. The quality and craftsmanship of the custom rod was very high and was better than most top of the line off the shelf rods costing hundreds more. Do yourself a favor and invest in quality and you will not regret it

  5. Erik Cohen (verified owner)

    I needed a new 6wt rod and knew about Reilly from past trips with Capt Justin where I used his. This rod has some serious mojo about it. Hooked a largemouth on literally my first cast. And from there , it was all good- accurate casting, good power, and to top off the first weekend of use, a 40 foot cast with a foam popper that led me to my first ever Bullseye Snakehead! Amazing- I’ve fished this rod for only 1 trip so far and it’s already my favorite!

    • Chris Reilly

      We are so glad that you’re happy with your new 6wt! Of course, you couldn’t help but have a awesome trip; Justin is an outstanding Captain, chef, and a great guy!

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