The Mountain Midge

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Inspired by the master bamboo rod makers of the past, Reilly Rod Crafters’ “Mountain Midge” has a feel and an aesthetic that harkens to angling’s “golden era.” But, make no mistake, this rod is built for TODAY!

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Screw-Lock Configuration

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The Perfect Small Stream Fly Rod

With modern fiberglass construction and a sweet progressive action, the Mountain Midge is ideally suited to small creeks and headwater streams, where its 6’9” length is perfect. If you’re looking for a small stream fly rod, the Mountain Midge will impress.

However, this rod is more versatile than one might imagine. It can reach out to 60’ with no problem, and is as happy delivering a small terrestrial pattern as it is a size 22 Griffith’s Gnat. It can handle the biggest trout in the pool, but also gives the angler joy with a scrappy eight-incher.

The three-piece golden-hued blank is dressed with classic brown wraps, and quality flor grade cork with nickel silver winding check. The reel seat is stunning hardwood with either nickel silver cap and ring or screw lock, in an up-locking configuration.

This rod is handcrafted with pride in the USA, and carries a lifetime warranty.

Based on 3 reviews
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  1. bob mallard

    Love it. Great small to medium size stream rod. Reminds me of an older high-end glass rod from when I was young — 35 years ago, but with a nicer taper and components. Light, great balance and swing, slow, soft, rugged, about as good as you can get without spending $250 or more extra dollars which will buy you a reel and line 😉

  2. Bryan Rosensteel

    So, this is a glass rod that refuses to accept it is a glass rod…and that is a beautiful thing. I’ve used this rod in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA, and because of its shorter length, it was a dream to thread through the woods. Additionally, it is very easy to load the rod at short distances, which is necessary when Brook Trout fishing.
    Now, typically when you have a shorter rod that is accurate for short casts, you will sacrifice longer distances and accuracy. This is doubly true for glass…but not true at all for this rod. I have little problem casting this rod out to 50 or even 60 feet, which is way more than you should ever need for mountain fishing, and still hit my target. This makes this rod much more versatile, and a dream to use for small Creek and river fishing, or for chasing panfish and small bass on the local pond. I can actually throw a tight loop to thread under trees and bushes, and, yes, it is a glass rod, I double-checked.
    I was initially hesitant to purchase this rod, thinking it would be great for small mountain streams, but not much else. I’m glad I took the chance, and couldn’t be happier in what is quickly becoming my favorite small weight rod.

  3. Timothy A Sublette

    I purchased this rod at the 2019 Plano Fly Fishing and Brew Festival after having spent months trying the latest, top-end, small-stream rods from the big-name manufacturers. This was the one niche that my array of rods did not cover, and I was determined that this rod would have THE feel I demanded. Rarely does a rod perform as well in the field under real-life conditions as it does in the controlled, indoor, practice-casting environment. As beautifully as it cast in the practice tank at the festival, it exceeded those results, and my expectations of it, in the field. I fished it exclusively for six consecutive days In south/central Colorado this summer, no fewer than four hours any one day. It was like an extension of my arm and a dream to cast, sending the small-stream line quickly but lightly with ease, and out past 18 yards when necessary. The rod is light and accurate with more than enough backbone to handle the 15” browns I caught. Regardless of price and materials, I believe you will find this beautifully-finished rod to compare favorably with any other small-stream rod on the market, exceeding many of them. Tight lines.

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