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December 17, 2017
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The Joe Mahler Signature Series
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The Stu Apte Signature Series

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The Stu Apte Signature Series Rods are the collaborative result of a highly skilled group of dedicated craftsmen and legendary angler, Stu Apte. His exclusive designs are the culmination of years of fly fishing experience and technology that created these outstanding rods that will deliver maximum performance in any fishing situation.

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Stu’s rods are all 9’ 3pc configuration and come in every weight from 4wt – 13wt. They feature premium cork grips. The 4wt and 5wt rods have the reverse half wells grip designs and Rosewood burl reel seats. The 6wt – 13wt rods have the full wells grips with fighting butts and black anodized aircraft aluminum reel seats. All of the rods also feature 3 stripping guides. The guides are all slightly oversized (including the tip) and have dark TiCh finishing. The blank is finished with a transparent high performance pigment (deep pacific blue in this case) and have multiple topcoats of a gloss UV protecting clear finish. Each of the male ferrules are capped with mil-grade black silicone. The rods come with embroidered sleeves and a rod tube with the Stu Apte Signature Series logo printed on the side. As with all of our rods, they are warranted for the lifetime of the original owner.

Prices below are valid for “In Stock” rods only.

Part NoLine WeightLengthSectionsGrip StyleCaseWarrantyPrice
SASS044wt9’3pcRev Half WellsCloth Covered Tube/SectionsLifetime$377
SASS055wt9’3pcRev Half WellsCloth Covered Tube/SectionsLifetime$377
SASS066wt9’3pcFull Wells w/FBCloth Covered Tube/SectionsLifetime$377
SASS077wt9’3pcFull Wells w/FBCloth Covered Tube/SectionsLifetime$395
SASS088wt9’3pcFull Wells w/FBCloth Covered Tube/SectionsLifetime$395
SASS099wt9’3pcFull Wells w/FBCloth Covered Tube/SectionsLifetime$395
SASS1010wt9’3pcFull Wells w/FBCloth Covered Tube/SectionsLifetime$407
SASS1111wt9’3pcFull Wells w/FBCloth Covered Tube/SectionsLifetime$407
SASS1212wt9’3pcFull Wells w/FBCloth Covered Tube/SectionsLifetime$419
SASS1313wt9’3pcFull Wells w/FBCloth Covered Tube/SectionsLifetime$419

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1 review for The Stu Apte Signature Series

  1. J. C. Wells

    Chris and Stu have collaborated to create one of the finest rods I’ve ever had the pleasure of casting. This one is MADE for fishing the Silver King…3-piece, alive in your hand, strong butt section, and more than capable at both long, and short finesse casts. Well-done guys!!

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