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About Reilly Rod Crafters

American Fishing Rods. Meticulously Engineered.

An Everyday Revolution


Many find our focus on what has often been left out of current popular rod design a “revelation.”

We started by considering the evolution of the fishing rod. From natural bamboo, to “space-age” fiberglass, to “modern” graphite materials have and will change, but what remains constant is what we strive to perfect every day. As new materials come to light, and market trends change, we have and always will revolve around a set of core ideals and a proven philosophy of rod design—things that have and always will work.

For us, every day is a revolution around what is at our core—a passion to develop American fishing rods that feel more natural and cast effortlessly as well as a commitment to keep our customers first.


We are responsible. We hold ourselves accountable to customers and the environment—to us, they are inseparable.
We respect experience. We listen to the legends who guide us and customers who trust us.
We research. We love the outdoors. It’s our laboratory—the best place to refine rods and ourselves.
We do what’s right. We design and, when it makes the most sense, build in America.


The arc of our evolution started with looking back and bringing forward the makeup of a great fishing rod—effortless castability, undeniable accuracy and a friendly, forgiving feel. All of this despite changing market trends and market share.

The end of our evolutionary arc is always in your hands.

Whether it’s into a high mountain stream choked with rhododendron or the boundless Turneffe flats—where we’re headed is where you’re going.

We are Responsible.


Who doesn’t see the bend of a tree in a rod? Or, sees a part of oneself swimming away after the catch and release? Collectively, we all take a lot from the world that surrounds us. Creation gives us inspiration. We create and so we must give back.

To experience fly fishing is to love it. To love it is to ensure it’s there for the anglers to come.

Reilly Rod Crafters is a proud member of organizations that at their core respect and value the shared experience the outdoors affords us all. 10% of our profits are donated to these organizations to help continue their vital work protecting our natural resources.

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We Research.


Reilly Rod Crafter designs start with looking at what falls on the cutting room floors of other rod makers and from decades of guiding. True, most of what others make are capable rods, but we know what’s missing.

A Reilly rod isn’t the lightest but it’s heavy on performance. We resist the temptation to pursue market trends in the quest for market share. We maintain our focus on accuracy, castability and the enjoyment of casting while retaining power and distance when it’s needed.

You don’t need to be an engineer or a guide to make a decent rod, but it’s helped us. We’re certain you’ll take for granted the hours spent at the drawing board, arduous spining, the material science of low or high modular graphite and nano titanium resins.

We wouldn’t want it any other way.

We Respect Experience.


Our team members have awards, records and collectively spent decades in manufacturing, engineering, product and fly design as well as way too much time on the water.

We take experience to heart. From the seasoned legends among us to the new anglers who experience what we all love in a way we all can appreciate, we listen to everyone. It’s invaluable to our experience.

We Do What's Right.


We could make all of our fly rods overseas. The advantages are reaped by lots of fly rod crafters. But at our founding, Reilly Rod Crafters decided that what we stood to gain wasn’t worth what we’d lose.

It’s essential to our makeup and we believe, to our success, that we strive to craft expertly made American fly rods. The Reilly Rod Crafters extended manufacturing team includes dozens of small family businesses and independent contractors from coast to coast. This is the strength in diversity that has always made this country great. And while we all have vastly different experiences and expertise, we share one common vision—to bring customers what we believe to be the finest rods available today at a fair and honest value.