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The Kildare Series rods can now be paired with a Lamson Guru S Fly Reel ($289.99 retail) and Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line ($89.95 retail). Add these items to your order below and you’ll save $90-$100 off retail!

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The Kildare Series are what we consider to be classic eastern trout rods. These are rods with “soul.” They have a very easy/relaxed casting stroke that is simply a joy to fish for hours on end. Don’t let the slower action of the Kildares fool you though, they are very capable of generating all of the line speed that you need and are built to be extremely accurate.

When you are fishing small to medium spring creeks and making 20ft casts with 13ft leaders, these rods will load quickly and deliver your fly with delicacy. And when you’re fishing alpine lakes and need to deliver a size 18 dry fly to feeding trout 60ft away, these rods can easily get your fly there and on target.

Our Kildare rods are available in 3wt- 6wt.

The blanks are finished with our transparent high performance pigments (rich iridescent green) and have multiple topcoats of a gloss UV protecting clear finish. The reel seats are hand turned North American Hardwood burl and machined nickel-silver hardware. Each rod has three titanium stripping guides,  snake guides, and tip. The rods come with locally custom sewn sleeves and a premium REC rod tube. As with all of our rods, they are warrantied for the lifetime of the original owner.

Keep your Kildare at the pinnacle of performance and looking great with our Reilly Rod Wax and Protectant!

Our Kildares are premium American Made rods with an Irish soul.  (100% made in the USA)


Part NoLine WeightLengthSectionsGrip StyleCaseWarrantyPrice
KD033wt7’6”3pcRev Half WellsRod Tube w/SockLifetime$549.99
KD044wt9’4pcRev Half WellsRod Tube w/SockLifetime$604.99
KD04P4wt10’4pcRev Half WellsRod Tube w/SockLifetime$626.99
KD055wt9’4pcRev Half WellsRod Tube w/SockLifetime$604.99
KD05P5wt10’4pcFull WellsRod Tube w/SockLifetime$626.99
KD066wt9’4pcFull Wells w/FBRod Tube w/SockLifetime$626.99

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  1. David Dempsey

    Let me start with a bit of background.

    I am an addict, a charter member of Anglers Anonymous–the only 12 step program where failure can be a good thing. If I count the beat up bamboo rods that never get fished anymore, the “project rods” in need of finishing or repair and last years hottest new thing (or at least since the invention of sliced bread), I probably have close to 60 rods.

    I fish–a lot–or at least as much as time and budget allow.

    The Reilly rods are quickly becoming my “go to” rods. The Kildare is everything the manufacturer claims and I am loving the 5 weight!

    …and time for another disclaimer: My casting is generally pretty ugly. I catch fish. Period. I don’t write sensitive poetry about it–or win casting competitions. In a stiff breeze, it looks more like I am trying to trim the hedges.

    The Kildare however is such a joy to use and so well designed, however, that it makes me look good.

    Granted, I am often fishing 18′ to 22′ leaders and I might have to force them to turn over… Not a problem with the Kildare! It is truly one of the most versatile rods I have ever fished. Changing up my casting stroke a little lets me fish in close or toss some pretty big streamers far out in to the lake.

    More than just the versatility though, the thing that impresses me the most about the Kildare is it’s almost pinpoint accuracy–or tracking or whatever rod designers and engineers call that property. The fly goes where I want it! When you’ve got a wily brown trout sitting in a tiny pocket tucked up under an overhanging bank and you MIGHT only get about 3 feet of drift, putting the fly exactly where you want it makes a difference.

    I LOVE the rod! The 5 weight gives me the ability to drop a size 18 Baetis cripple on a glass smooth run without terrifying the fish or toss a big grasshopper pattern. The action is soft enough to protect those 6x tippets and yet it still has the backbone to land big fish or punch out long casts.

    The ONE problem with the rod? I can no longer find a nice double taper line to go with the rod that doesn’t cost a small fortune 😉

  2. Ed Choate (verified owner)

    My passion for fly fishing well exceeds the time to enjoy it on a river. So, I want the equipment I use to reliable and perform extremely well. I found my new 4 wt. Reilly Kildare rod to be forgiving for my casting imperfections, accurate with a soft touch, has a smooth action with great feel, offers strength when you need it to land larger trout and is well-balanced in your hand.

    It has immediately become my favorite rod! It has all the features you want at an attractive price. And you get to chat with Chris Reilly to customize your rod as it is being built. Hard to beat that!

  3. Daniel Fowley

    This is my second rod from Chris and the craftsmanship and quality still continue to impress me daily! I ordered a 10′ 5wt for Montana trout and this rod is a cannon. I can deliver big dry flies to the opposite bank from the boat, or use the extra length to Euro-Nymph the abundance of pocket water when wade fishing. I fish this rod more than anything else and wouldn’t trade it for another. If you need a phenomenal rod at a more than competitive price, this is the one for you.

  4. Scott Savage (verified owner)

    I am a latecomer to the sport of fly fishing but I am a big believer that quality gear can make for a much better experience. I first used a Reilly rod while on a guided trip with Chris’s son Matt (highly recommended). Not surprising that the Reilly rod I used was much nicer and had a better feel than the Chinesium starter rod I had. I asked Matt for a recommendation for a rod based on the type of small to medium size waters I would be fishing. As I looked over his recommendations, the Kildare caught my eye. I’m a sucker for anything that aligns with my Irish heritage.

    From the moment I ordered my new rod and reel, communication with Chris was excellent; I like being able to chat with the boss. This excellence continued throughout the entire transaction. My order arrived in great shape and the entire package was fantastic. The rod comes with a very nice case. The fit and finish of the rod is top notch and the burl wood rod seat is gorgeous. It is truly a work of art. I’m sure this won’t be my last rod from Chris’s shop.

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