The Chuck Kraft Signature Series
December 17, 2017
Stu Apte Signature Series Rod Photo
The Stu Apte Signature Series
December 17, 2017

The Kildare Series


The Kildares are what we consider to be classic eastern trout rods. These are rods with “soul.” They have a very easy/relaxed casting stroke that is simply a joy to fish for hours on end. Don’t let the slower action of the Kildares fool you though, they are very capable of generating all of the line speed that you need and are built to be extremely accurate.

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When you are fishing small to medium spring creeks and making 20ft casts with 13ft leaders, these rods will load quickly and deliver your fly with delicacy. And when you’re fishing alpine lakes and need to deliver a size 18 dry fly to feeding trout 60ft away, these rods can easily get your fly there and on target.

The Kildares are all 9’ 4pc configurations and are available in 4wt- 8wt.

The blanks are finished with our transparent high performance pigments (Emerald Green) and have multiple topcoats of a gloss UV protecting clear finish. The reel seats are burled American Walnut with nickel-silver hardware. Each rod has three stripping guides and titanium snake guides and tip. The rods come with embroidered sleeves and a rod tube with the Kildare Series logo printed on the side. As with all of our rods, they are warrantied for the lifetime of the original owner.


Part NoLine WeightLengthSectionsGrip StyleCaseWarrantyPrice
KD033wt7’6”3pcRev Half WellsGraphite Tube w/SockLifetime$479
KD044wt9’4pcFull WellsGraphite Tube w/SockLifetime$499
KD055wt9’4pcFull WellsGraphite Tube w/SockLifetime$529
KD066wt9’4pcFull Wells w/FBGraphite Tube w/SockLifetime$549
KD088wt9’4pcFull Wells w/FBGraphite Tube w/SockLifetime$549

Rod #

KD03, KD04, KD05, KD06, KD08


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