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Trinity  [Trin-i-ty] – the perfect union of three elements



When we set out to design a series of spinning rods worthy of carrying the Reilly name, we thought hard about what we consider to be the key characteristics of superior rods.

Ultimately, the team agreed on three crucial characteristics that became the design criteria for this amazing series:

  1. Power – Power for efficient/effective hooksets and plenty of  backbone to land fish quickly and safely.
  2. Accuracy – The ability to put your lure where you need it to be without having to compensate for blank error.
  3. Sensitivity – Being able to feel the slightest “take” and tell the difference between a fish and structure.

Combine these qualities and the same rugged durability, uncompromising craftsmanship, and outstanding value that you’ve come to expect from RRC, and you have a rod that you’ll never want to be without.

Try a Trinity and experience the superior performance that countless guides and tournament anglers have enjoyed for years!

And like all Reilly Rod Crafters Rods, Trinities carry a lifetime warranty.

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Part NoLengthBlank ColorPowerLine WeightLure WeightActionPrice
TS70-MH7'Matte BlackMed-Hvy8-15#3/8-1-1/4ozMod-Fast$249.99
TS70-H7'6"Matte BlackHvy12-25#3/8-1-1/4ozMod-Fast$249.99
TS70-EH7'6"Matte BlackEx-Hvy20-40#1/2-2ozMod-Fast$279.99

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