We’re all reaching for something.

These individuals have time and time again proven they’ve reached an understanding of the sport, the people and the tools that form the angling community and are passing it on to others.

They’re guides, mentors, friends, anglers and now, legends.

The Signature Series, in no small way, defines what Reilly Rod Crafters evolution is about. It’s in our DNA to base what’s next on what was and will always be relevant to fishing.

Whether it’s on the wind blasted flats of Andros Island where power isn’t taken for granted or under the tree choked banks of the Shenandoah River where accuracy truly is the most important piece of gear, these rods are tuned for it all.

Each rod is the culmination of what each legend considers the perfect combination of castability, accuracy and feel for the quarry and environment that target occupies.

Pick up a legend today.