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Introducing The All American Made Revolution Series By RRC!! Make it your best July 4th yet!

By June 28, 2022Blog, Company News

American Made Revolution Series Fishing Rods by Reilly Rod CraftersRevolution – (rev·o·lu·tion)

A dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or in people’s ideas about it.

We’ve always done things a bit differently at RRC.  The Revolution Series is another example of “out-of-the-box” thinking that has resulted in a premium, 100% American made fly rod at a price that won’t inspire you to toss tea into the harbor!

The Revolution series was originally conceived and inspired by an RRC teammate that I personally consider a true American hero.  To honor him properly, these rods needed to be strong, rugged, purposeful, bold yet still a bit understated, and with undeniable class and integrity.  Everything about them needed to be on point… and the team absolutely nailed it!!

But don’t just take my word for it:

“There are many things a guide looks forward to. Casting a new rod for the first time is one of them. The New Revolution did not disappoint.  Having the opportunity to have some input into this rod and see it’s outcome first hand with my clients… all I can say is Chris has done it again!  I have put several of these rods through the ringer this Tarpon season from big Poon to mid range sharks, big Jack Crevalle to Amberjack. It handled them all with perfection and ease.
The textured cork grip kept hands from slipping even on 110* days when everything was slippery with sweat.  The Recoil guides are much more forgiving for sliding rods into boat trays and rod tubes with ease. 

Many times I have had clients put down their own  big brand name rods and preferred to fish The Reillys.   Chris builds American made rods with pride and detail that a lot of mass produced pipeline rods miss out on. 

You owe it to yourself to add a Revolution to your quiver. “

-Capt. Jason Shepard – Fly Times Charters

  If you want to try out one of the Revolutions on the water, give Shep a shout and get on his calendar!

The tapers for the Revolutions were designed by (arguably) the finest taper designer in the country and the blanks are hand rolled right here in the eastern US.  These blanks have much thicker walls than their contemporary counterparts which results in superior durability and far less breakage.

The component selection includes Lemke reel seats, REC titanium-nickel Cerecoil guides, and Snake brand ECO-coated snake guides and tips.  Of course, we source the cork directly from Portugal and turn the fighting butts and grips in our shop.

The Revolutions are also available in a musky configuration, which features an extended fighting butt, a longer foregrip, single footed REC titanium-nickel Cerecoil guides for the entire guide-train, and a tip top with a zirconium insert.  The extended butt and the larger foregrip is designed to facilitate casting the much larger flies used for musky as well as facilitating the figure-8 maneuvers at the boat.  The specialized guide-train and tip prevent the “grooving” that occurs with the snake guides and tips of most musky rods.


Revolution – Musky Build

Each rod is specifically built to order (the typical lead time is 2 – 3 weeks) so if you’d like a minor customization here or there, just drop us a line after your order!

And like all Reilly Rod Crafters Rods, these rods carry a lifetime warranty.



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Chris Reilly

Chris Reilly – Founder/President

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