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August 11, 2018
November 6, 2018
Mountain Midge by Reilly Rod Crafters Photo

Less is more.

We all could benefit from a simpler, slower pace.

It doesn't take much to get me excited about fly fishing and making fly rods. But special projects really get me going. I've been a believer for over 30 years that a smooth and forgiving cast is just about as natural and enjoyable as it gets. I've cast a lot of rods in my time and for me, nothing gets more natural than the old bamboo. And that's where my liking of it stops.

"Wait. What?" If bamboo is such a great casting material why not make the Mountain Midge (or any in the Tribute Series) out of bamboo? Wait, you ask. Exactly. Weight. 

Bamboo is extremely resilient but it's heavy. I've found fiberglass to mimic near the same resistance to breakage and similar characteristics in casting. It's deep, smooth, and helps me slow down. And slowing down helps keep me immersed in the activity and the scenery. All without sacrificing accuracy and sensitivity.

The Mountain Midge specifically is my go to rod for hitting blue lines or small spring creeks. I reach for it on those days when there is plenty of time and I want to soak it all in. Whether I want to drift some double nymph rigs through a run or lay them softly under a rhododendron. The Midge never lets me down.


A magnified look at the midge.

Understated looks? Maybe. 
Underestimated? Definitely not.

The trouble we go through to bring high quality, well crafted, American made (not just assembled) rods to the market cannot be over stated. And there is nothing small about the capability and value put into Mountain Midge and its peers in the Tribute Series. 

Mountain Midge by Reilly Rod Crafters Photo
The backbone of each rod in the Tribute Series is hand rolled in the US. The honey colored blank and deep red wraps are reminiscent of classic fiberglass rods and the soul of each hearken back to some of the great American rod makers—wrap your hand around that flor grade grip and it's like your shaking hands with one of them.
Mountain Midge by Reilly Rod Crafters Photo
The Mountain Midge comes standard with your choice of an engraved and blued silver nickel or bright silver nickel reel seat hardware. The former a down sliding band. The latter, down screw locking. These are hand made in America in small batches.
Mountain Midge by Reilly Rod Crafters Photo
We use smoked guides made of rugged 304 stainless which are perfectly spaced to maximize the glass bend and finished off with burgundy wraps. Or if you prefer another color, just ask.
Cap & Ring Configuration
The reel seats are selected from choice North American hardwood stock, machined and then hand finished all in the US. We have other woods to choose from.

It's the size of the fight in the dog.
Not the size of the dog in the fight.

The Midge's 6'9" stature belies its power.  It's like a terrier. Big on heart (if just a little light in the saddle) and tough as all get out. And if you should break that old dog then rest assured your lifetime warranty has you covered.

I truly believe the Mountain Midge is the perfect companion for a well deserved day spent on your favorite small water. 

The Tribute Series
Inspired by the ingenuity of a few great American rod builders, the Tribute Series pays homage to their legacy.  Each fiberglass rod is made and assembled in the US and carries the soul of what made those rods great.


by Chris Reilly, President
A lifetime of fly fishing adventures have taken Chris around the nation and back to his home waters of the Shenandoah Valley, where he first cast a fly at age 13. Chris is best described as a responsible sportsman and a lover of all things wild. 

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