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The Joe Mahler Signature Series rods can now be paired with a Lamson Liquid Fly Reel ($139.99 retail) and Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line ($89.95 retail). Add these items to your order below and you’ll save $50 off retail!

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The Joe Mahler Signature Series rods feature a unique grip design with the Mahler logo etched in flor-grade cork grip. The unique aspect of this grip is that it features a ‘dip’ for finger or thumb placement. This ‘dip’ adds both comfort and stability to the grip.

The rods are best described as “everyday rods… comfortable, like your favorite pair of jeans. It’s the rod you’ll grab when you want to spend a relaxing day on the water.”

Joe is known for his numerous casting articles and illustrations. His easy-going approach and effortless casting style fit perfectly with the Reilly philosophy.

“In my years of giving private casting lessons, I have noticed that both beginners and experienced casters advance quicker and with less effort with a medium-fast action rod. I described what I wanted to Chris and he was able to deliver precisely what I was hoping for.”

The rods are available in two models, the Lily Pad 5/6 and the Cypress 7/8, using colors pulled directly from nature. The Lily Pad is a shade of bright green, and the Cypress is medium orange. Both models feature salt-ready hardware, including three titanium stripping guides. They also come with a color-matched cloth sock and a superior quality REC rod tube.

And like all Reilly Rod Crafters Rods, these rods carry a lifetime warranty.

These rods are appreciated by adults and kids alike (as evidenced by the video below).

Part NoLine WeightLengthSectionsGrip StyleCaseWarrantyPrice
Lily Pad5wt/6wt 9′4pcFlor-grade Mahler grip Tube and Cloth SockLifetime$329.99
Cypress7wt/8wt 9′4pcFlor-grade Mahler grip Tube and Cloth SockLifetime$329.99

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  1. Jason Parisi

    I would consider myself a novice fly caster and had the honor of getting a couple lessons from Joe Mahler this year (2018). I was struggling with casting efficiently until I tried Joe’s signature rod (cypress 7/8). Within 10 casts, my throws improved drastically, so much that it influenced me to ditch the 550.00 rod I bought for Joe’s that cost half the price WITH a lifetime warranty. I now own 2 cypress rods and love them! Customer service is a 10/10. It’s a no brainer, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Rick Piccolo

    I was in Ft Myers, Florida and went to the Everglades and Lake Webb with Joe Mahler for a couple of days fishing. I had met Joe a few weeks earlier at the Reilly Rod Crafters booth at the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival and had cast his signature rods on the casting pools. I brought two of my own rods on the Florida trip, but Joe had his signature Lily Pad rods and I used that about 100%. I stopped counting the number of fish caught on the Everglades, but am sure it was greater than 40 in about 3-4 hours. The dominant fish was oscar which is new to me. It is a big meaty fish that does not like being caught. There were also bass, blue gill and a crappie. The flies of the day were poppers and light streamers and the Lily Pad cast them perfectly. Effortless and easy casts, and hook sets were simply automatic as the rod tip was brought up. The rod handled the large oscars and small blue gill perfectly. When hooked, an oscar would run to the lily pads and the rod had plenty of power to steer it back into open water and the boat. Joe gave me casting advice as the day went on, I learned a lot and it was a fun day. The rod casts just a bit more relaxed than my other rods and I like the green color a lot. The handle is high quality cork, and the dipped section helps ensure good grip and geometry. I got back home and ordered a Lily Pad within the week. The bonus in all of this is that Reilly Rod Crafters is nearby and Chris Reilly came by to drop off the rod. I have since used it on a spring creek for brown trout and farm ponds for bass and blue gill. It is the rod I grab when I go out…simply a really nice rod. The rod, its quality and performance is top tier and customer service is the best. I am very happy to have this rod and feel certain you would like it too.

  3. robert Kavgian

    Saw these Reilly rods at the Kentuckiana Fly Show Last January 2018. I was determined to own one the 1st opportunity I got. I received my rod today and recognized immediately it’s high quality for a reasonable price. Can’t wait to lawn test it then “hit the spillway at Brookville Dam outside Cincinnati actually in Indiana.

  4. Mark Mcconnell

    Simple. Quality ! My total time on fly equipment 3hrs. 1st hour with lesser rod and lesser situation. Next 2 with Mahler series rods (and Joe personally) He had me casting with his rods in both hands at the same time in 45mins .
    Quality at twice the price .

  5. Mark Mcconnell

    Got me so fired up I can’t write. —Quality at half the price— That’s what I meant. That’s why I pick up my new Cypress tomorrow morning.

  6. Robert Elliott

    I had the privilege of casting and fishing with Joe Mahler in Florida. I was totally intrigued by his easy, effortless casting method. I also liked the action of his Lily Pad and Cypress prototype rods, so I ordered one of each from Reilly Rod Crafters. They arrived today, and all I can say is WOW! They are exquisitely designed and built. Hats off to the Reilly/Mahler team! PS: I’ve been fly fishing for nearly 5 decades, have dozens of fine rods, and none of them have impressed me as much as the Cypress and Lily Pad for their conceptual design and quality craftsmanship.

  7. Dusty Sprague, Master Certified Casting Instructor

    I had the good fortune to spend two days fishing with Joe Mahler on Tiger Lake in central Florida late last month. I used Joe’s Lily Pad 5/6wt to throw foam popping bugs to rising bream and bass. The action was best in the shade of boat docks even though the casting requirements were much more difficult compared to open water. I am happy to report the Lily Pad is deadly accurate at 20 to 50 feet. I was able to repeatedly cast well back under the docks through small openings with minimal false casts. No other rod I have cast yet has given me this level of performance. The Lily Pad gives me confidence I can put the fly just where I aim, time after time. Repeatable accuracy with minimal false casting. That is efficiency. And, it has the reserve power to reach more distant targets when the need arises. Great performance coupled with a fantastic price plus a lifetime warranty – you can’t beat it ! I ordered a Lily Pad the day I returned home from the trip.

  8. David Anthony (verified owner)

    Phenomenal Rod! I consider myself an intermediate caster and over the years I’ve looked to high-priced, big-name rods to take my casting to the next level. Well, look no more—the Joe Mahler Lily Pad model is the finest rod I’ve ever casted! Full disclosure I haven’t fished with it yet, but practice casting on grass produces beautiful loops by a forgiving, comfortable rod. Within a few casts I found myself casting farther and more accurately than I ever have before. My success with the rod has definitely boosted my confidence and I can’t wait to take this rod on the water. Kudos to Joe Mahler and Reilly—I’m so glad to have discovered them.

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