Bending Toward a Singular Perfection

Many find our focus on what has often been left out of rod design and company philosophy a revelation. But, for Reilly Rod Crafters, it’s who we’ve always been. Consider the evolution of the fishing rod. From bamboo, to fiberglass, to graphite and to what comes next, materials have and will change. What remains constant is what we strive to perfect.

We will always [R]evolve around—a set of core company ideals and a proven philosophy of rod design—things that have and always will work.

For us, it’s a [R]evolution—evolving and holding true to what makes our company and a Reilly Rod great.

As a company:

• We are [R]esponsible to both our customers and our environment—to us, they are inseparable.
• We have [R]espect for the experienced among us and every new customer’s experience—we listen.
• We know refinement takes [R]esearch—the outdoors is our laboratory.
• We remain dedicated to doing what's [R]ight—for us that’s crafting in America. It’s what we’d want in a rod and is an expression of the great love we have for a country that gives much to the world.

As rod crafters:

The arc of our evolution started with looking back and bringing forward the makeup of a great fishing rod—effortless castability, undeniable accuracy and a friendly, forgiving feel. All of this despite changing market trends and market share.

The end of our evolutionary arc is always in your hands.

Whether it’s into a high mountain stream choked with rhododendron or the boundless Turneffe flats—where we’re headed is where you’re going.

Learn more about our [R]evolution: