Wow, what do you say about Stu in just a few short sentences? I mean, really, there are entire books about the guy!

Here are just a few of the nouns that we regularly use in reference to our old friend: Gentleman, Friend, Coach, Mentor, Guide, Patriot, Author, Angler, LEGEND.

Stu has been a member of the “Royal Family” of high profile fly fisherman since many of us were in diapers. He’s designed flies, fly rods, boats, written books, filmed television shows etc…And all are first rate!

In the sport -fishing world, Stu is best known for tarpon and, more specifically, tarpon on the fly! But like the rest of us, Stu loves to be on the water and it just doesn’t matter if it’s the Cuban flats, the blue water off the Costa Rican beaches, or trout streams in Montana. If Stu’s there and there are any fish in the vicinity…It’s going to be a one sided fight!

Stu has held 44 IGFA World Records and has guided other anglers to over 100 more. He is an inductee of the IGFA Hall of Fame as well as the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame.

Be sure to stop by and see Stu at one of the shows. Let him sharpen your sight fishing (and casting) technique. I guarantee that you’ll learn a thing or two and be a much better angler for it!