I want to be clear about this, and this is one of those rare occasions that I will be very serious, there is absolutely no nepotism here! This guy may be our son BUT he is a vital part of Reilly Rod Crafters and he has earned it (and a lot more!). Now, with that bit out of the way, let me tell you about Matt…

Matt is an outdoor columnist, freelance writer and photographer, fishing guide, and college student from Palmyra, Virginia, who started his career in the outdoor industry at the age of 15 to support a passion for the outdoors that began before his second birthday and was destined to overshadow any other occupation.

His column, Adventures Afield, which runs in The Rural Virginian, has seen more than 200 editions. His freelance credits include, among others, Virginia Wildlife, Eastern Fly Fishing, Fly Tyer, Blue Ridge Outdoors, and Hatch Magazine. When not writing or studying, he can be found (if you’re lucky) chucking streamers to smallmouth and big trout, or dry flies to native brookies in the Shenandoah National Park.

Matt is an ambassador for Reilly Rod Crafters, a designer, a product tester, writer, photographer, manages our social media, and manages our media interface.

Contact Matt anytime at Matt@ReillyRods.com.