Now this one is very personal for us.

Chuck is one of the unsung heroes of the fishing world. He has guided for smallmouth bass and trout in the Mid-Atlantic for several decades and for trout in Chile during our off season. He very quickly became one of the most sough after guides in the country — and for some very good reasons.

  1.  He’s an amazing coach with a work ethic that is second to none.
  2.  He regularly puts his clients on trophy fish. In fact, so much so that you had to book him a year in advance.

Because of his guiding success, Chuck chose to keep a very low profile and swore his clients to secrecy about where they fished and what flies. This was only done to protect himself and his clients from hoarding mobs of fisherman that might do anything to see what they were doing that was so darned successful.

Now that he has mostly retired from guiding, Chuck has become widely known as an extremely innovative fly tier but, truth be known, most of his designs that have gained fame over the last several years were actually designed by Chuck twenty or more years ago specifically for his guide service. Several of those designs are now staples in many vests across the country and around the world. You might recognize them as the CK Nymph, the ClawDad, the Kreelex, the CritterMite, the CK Baitfish, the CritterClaw, the Parakeet, and many more…

There is so much more to this man than could be written here so do yourself a favor and seek him out at one of the shows, spend a few minutes with him, and prepare yourself to be educated.

Everyone might not know Chuck’s name but rest assured, the likes of Lefty Kreh, Joan Wulff, Bob Clouser, Stu Apte, Flip Pallot, etc…definitely do! And for a darned good reason! Just ask any one of them and they’ll tell you about Chuck Kraft, the LEGEND.