Yeah, that’s me …The goofy looking guy that doesn’t get to fish nearly enough these days and sees every fish as a trophy and gift from our maker.

I don’t care much for talking about myself so this will be brief.

My classroom education is in Physics. Notice that I said “my classroom education” … I have always believed that the greatest lessons in life are learned on the battlefield, on the athletic field, and in the outdoors. I have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing everything from telephones to ground penetrating radar to hunt for land mines and IEDs overseas and lots of different technologies in between. My passion for fishing started when I was four years old and my father would take me to one of the nearby mountain lakes, the city reservoir, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. At the age of 13, I met my best friend (Tracy Kraft) and began fishing with Tracy and his dad Chuck. Shortly after that, Chuck started teaching me how to use a fly rod … And then I was done for!

I’ve been fly fishing for over 38 years and I just can’t get enough time on the water.

Throughout my life I’ve been blessed with being mentored by some of the very best in fishing, business, and life in general. There are so many to whom lowe so much: Joe Reilly, Chuck Kraft, George Englehardt, George Sawyer, Stu Apte, Bob Gooch, Chris Wood, Dave Dempsey, and so many more. I love each and everyone of those guys!

I’m still learning but I also love to teach others those things that I do know. Take the journey with us and let’s craft some new legends!

Call or email me anytime at 434-989-8746 and