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The Chuck Kraft Signature Series

After more than 30 years of guiding in the Mid-Atlantic and Chile, Chuck teamed up with Reilly Rod Crafters to design a fly rod that is the perfect “fishing rod.” The rods were designed to be extremely accurate, turn over larger bugs with ease, provide good tippet protection, load as well at 10’ as it does at 70’ and, (and this is the kicker) be a rod that absolutely anyone at any skill level can handle proficiently. Three years later and more scrapped graphite than I care to think about and the old man finally says “This is the best damned rod to be on the market…period.” Hearing this come from a man whose professional life was carefully guarded with intentional understatement, means that we better start building these guys fast!

Bob Clouser calls Chuck Kraft “one of the best smallmouth bass guides in the country” and Flip Pallot says he is the “definition of a smallmouth bass expert.”

Of course Chuck is far more than just a smallmouth guru, he is equally as deadly with trout and salmon and has several great “trophy flies” to his design credits.  Clawdad, Kreelex, Crittermite, CK Special, CK Baitfish, etc…

The series was first envisioned to be 6wt, 7wt, and 8wt only but along the way a 5wt popped out (from an almost abandoned 6wt taper) and a 4wt nymphing rod is in the works.

All of the rods are 9’ 4pc and feature flor grade cork grips. All of Chuck’s rods have a full wells grip and the 6wt – 8wt rods have have an added fighting butt. All of the rods have aircraft grade aluminum reel seats with a light TiCh finish and dual locking rings. All of the rods also feature 3 stripping guides. The guides are all slightly oversized (including the tip) and have dark TiCh finishing. The blank is finished with a transparent high performance pigment (root beer brown) and have multiple topcoats of a gloss UV protecting clear finish.  Each of the male ferrules are capped with mil-grade black silicone.  The rods come with embroidered sleeves and a rod tube with the CK Signature Series logo printed on the side.  As with all of our rods, they are warranted for the lifetime of the original owner.

Part No Line Weight Length Sections Grip Style Case Warranty Price
CK05 5wt 9’ 4pc Full Wells Graphite Tube and Sock Lifetime $495.99
CK06 6wt 9’ 4pc Full Wells w/ FB Graphite Tube and Sock Lifetime $495.99
CK07 7wt 9’ 4pc Full Wells w/FB Graphite Tube and Sock Lifetime $495.99
CK08 8wt 9’ 4pc Full Wells w/FB Graphite Tube and Sock Lifetime $495.99

What Others are Saying About the Chuck Kraft Signature Series

  • For casting short, 20- to 40-feet, where all the trout, panfish, and bass are caught, this 5wt is superior! While I do not recall ever casting 100-feet to anything here in North Georgia, the rod delivers that distance with a forward vault that is both unusual and unexpected.
    — Steve Hudson (Author of Fly Fishing 101)
  • The Chuck Kraft Series 5-weight fly rod is as good as it gets for anglers of any competency fishing where the trout are; 25- to 40-feet.
    — Fly Life Magazine
  • Chuck Kraft is one of the best smallmouth bass guides in the country!
    — Bob Clouser
  • The definition of a Smallmouth Bass expert might be summed up by uttering the name Chuck Kraft... Guide, teacher, angler and hale fellow well met!
    — Flip Pallot
  • When there were virtually no bass guides in the entire mid-Atlantic region, Chuck was Virginia’s pioneer guide who introduced hundreds of people to the joys of fly fishing for bass on Virginia’s rivers. He was tireless at helping others and many young outdoor writers.
    — Lefty Kreh